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Wohlbefinden nach Gewichtsverlust, Fitter und leichter

6 weeks weight loss program Boot Camp
in small group - 12 August 2024

Lose weight and get in shape with training and nutrition coaching. Register now for free consultation.

What is the 6 weeks weight loss program?

The program is combining fitness with conscious and balanced nutrition to lose weight healthily.

This combination is the most efficient and sustainable way.

Within 6 weeks you will shape your body, increase your fitness level and feel energized and great!

To measure your fitness improvement you will perform a fitness test in the first and last week of the program. 

In order to track the changes in the body composition also comprehensive body measurements are taken. 

Combining a weight loss workout sessions with a healthy nutrition, as taught in the program, will promote an even greater rate of weight loss.

Be honest to yourself and follow the program. 

How the workout sessions look like? Are those for everyone?

The workouts in the program are designed for everyone.

The combination of a team atmosphere, targeted strength sessions with full-body cardiovascular exercises make the weight loss program full of variety and very efficient.

The benefit of it will be improvement in cardiovascular endurance, shaping your body, reducing body fat, improving overall coordination and balance and of course to lose weight!

The motivation from the trainer and the group allows individuals to keep going and start adapting the lifestyle to the things learned.

You will not get any nutrition plan that you have to follow for 6 weeks. But you will get knowledge on food, healthy nutrition and motivation to change your lifestyle and your attitude to food.

What happens after the 6 weeks weight loss  program?

The fitter and healthier you are the higher the desire to move will be. The training is built to awaken or strengthen this desire.

After this you can keep going and many decide to enroll in regular Boot Camp sessions.

Fitness is not a one time thing but a way of life.

Once fit - always fit!

In addition to the workouts you will get

two nutrition coachings  (1 as group session and 1 as 1:1) incl. nutrition analysis, to be agreed individually.

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