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30 days ByBo Functional Training with money back guarantee!*



Discover our offer

Are you ready to send your body on an exciting journey?

At ByBo you will experience a full-body workout that will surprise you. Whether you have always been sporty or are just starting out, you will find exactly the right program for you here.

Discover everything ByBo has to offer - and the best part?

You can try it for 30 days for 99Fr.


30 days without obligation

  • In our small group personal training you will never feel alone or unmotivated

  • Discover our Boot Camp offer: ByBo Boot Camp increases fitness, strengthens muscles, tones the body, burns fat and is fun!

  • Enjoy personalised attention and guidance in our 1x1 coaching sessions

  • Discover our complete offer now and start your 30-day journey to a stronger, healthier and happier life with ByBo


Body measurements 

Take advantage of the opportunity to have a BIA body measurement to closely track your progress and receive valuable nutritional advice that is perfectly tailored to your goals.

*für alle Neu zu ByBo, einlösbar bis 19 Mai

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