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spilerisches kindertraining 7-12J

Children training

- Playful

- Improves condition

- Increases balance

- Improves posture

- Is fun!

4. - 7. March
Sport week


We teach the children a positive attitude towards exercising and healthy nutrition.

Why does ByBo offer training for children?

ByBo puts emphasis on movement, which plays a very important role in the optimal development of children and teenagers.

Nowadays, more and more children suffer from lack of exercise and spend a lot of time sitting. Movement is important to increase body awareness; balance, coordination and can prevent postural disorders and obesity.


The primary concern of ByBo is to learn kids a healthy lifestyle from the ground up by providing good excercising in a fun environment. Your children will improve their physical flexibility, concentration and the training releases feelings of happiness!

What is functional training for children?

In a varied training session, the children train coordination and build up strength to avoid injury. The training takes place in small groups with max. 8 children to provide optimal care.

In a safe environment, children learn about movement and nutrition and do what they do naturally: Play, socialize and explore.

What does the Children Sport Week entail?

The offer is aimed at children aged 7-12 years. It does not matter if they are fit and sporty or only beginning. The varied movement experiences such as running, jumping, throwing, pulling, pressing and balancing are conveyed in a playful way. The children will improve their body awareness and learn to cooperate to achieve a common goal.

The four-day offer includes:

• 4 varied trainings, each 45min

• 4 interactive nutrition games to convey a positive attitude towards healthy nutrition, each 45min

Training set-up

The training consists of 3 parts. We start with warm-up games and then go over to the main part, which can be composed of coordination games, technique training, reaction games or an obstacle course. At the end there is a relaxation part to lower the pulse.


What are the nutrition games?

In addition to exercising, good nutrition is very important to support growth and a healthy development of the young body.

The nutritional games convey in exciting way knowledge about healthy, balanced nutrition. Among other things, children learn why vegetables and fruits are beneficial or what snacks are good for Znüni or Zviri.


What should the children bring?

The children's training takes place indoors.

  • Sportswear with comfortable indoor shoes

  • A bottle of water and a healthy snack for the breaks

  • A towel


Workout Shoes

What is the price and how do I register my child?

• The four-day child training costs 100Fr.

• There is the possibility to visit single days

for 30Fr. per day

What happens after the sports week?

Starting April, ByBo offers a weekly training for children.

Secure a place for your child. Click here to register (registration is binding).

Kindertraining (Charity Event)
Kindertraining (Charity Event)
Kindertraining (Charity Event)
Location / Meeting Point
Güterstrasse 143-145 (Entrance at number 141) Basel
Central Location in Basel Gundeldingen
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