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Effizientes, Abswechsungsreiches fitness workout für alle Levels

Virtual and Live Personalized Boot Camp 

- Increases fitness

- Strengthens muscles

- Shapes body

- Burns fat

- Is fun!

Get fit, shape your body and have fun in the group.

You don't have to be fit to join - you join to become fit!

Why ByBo Boot Camp?

The philosophy of Bybo Bootcamp is to get more out of your body, than you might have thought is possible. It applies to Boot Camp as well. However it is not like in a military training camp: No one will be shouted at or left behind. 

It is about having fun in a group while working out hard. For additional fun there are many team exercises.

Boot Camp is an ideal program to bring your body to the next level in a short period of time - and it is the perfect way to start or end the day. 

ByBo Boot Camp increases fitness, strengthens muscles, shapes yur body, burns fat and is fun!

What is personalized  Boot Camp?

With personalized Boot Camp you will reach your goals faster. 

The training takes place in small groups with max. 12 members.

The personalized Boot Camp focuses on the fitness goals of each individual member.

In each session the trainer makes sure that the exercises  are executed correctly and every person is challenged at their own fitness level.

Training set-up

ByBo Bootcamp sessions last 50min. In the summer months, the training is outside in any weather. During the winter it is indoors in Gundeli with the option to go out in nice weather.


It starts with warm-up and mobility exercises to increase range of motion, prevent injuries and prepare the body for the workout.

The exercises are performed in intervals and are changed after short periods of time. The combination of high intensity and short breaks stimulates the metabolism and burns fat up to 48h after your workout.


What should you bring to Boot Camp?

You should wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.


  • Dress warm for the morning classes (layers), but get ready to sweat.

  • Bottle of water for breaks

  • Small towel

Be prepared that your clothes can get dirty. 


  • Gym clothes and indoor shoes

  • Bottle of water for breaks

  • Small towel


Location / Meeting Point
Meret Oppenheim Str.60 (same building as Coop)
Outdoor: Margarethen Park, Basel

Contact us here for a drop-in session!**

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Schedule for live online Boot Camp

*incl. special Saturday events

10% discount for Students

** Try out class costs 15Fr. and drop-In costs 30Fr.

What to expect in the respective training:

Mo: ByBo Boot Camp HIIT

This HIIT Boot Camp lesson will get your maximum frequency to peak. If you are looking for a sporting challenge, then you've come to the right place. All train at their own fitness level. You don't have to make false demands on yourself - you come to get fit!


Mo/Tue/Thur Weight loss - 6pm (is running)

This programme is suitable for all those who want to train again after a long break. You train 3 times a week and the combination with the nutrition coaching gives you the desired results after completing 6 weeks.


Di/Fr: Early Bird Boot Camp HIT

Good morning early birds! Start your day actively with ByBo Boot Camp at 6:30am. The day can start... Train now with our lions and challenge your whole body.

2021-03-03 (3).png

Di: Strength and endurance 7pm 

During the class you will learn the basic techniques of bodyweight and free weights exercises. 

Our coaches take care of you.

The class consists of a good mix of endurance, strength and coordination exercises. 

Kettlebell workout every Wednesday

Mo: Kettlebell/ TRX 

We train in the studio with kettlebells and TRX.
Come to the beginners' class on Monday to strengthen your body.  
The combination of kettlebells and TRX is a very effective way to build strength and endurance. 


Mi/Do: Strength & conditioning with weights/equipment

Muscles and endurance are put to the test here. With individual, variable and varied workouts, there is something for everyone.


Fr: Body Strengthening

The training is suitable for all age groups who want to tone and strengthen their own body. We train with small weights and get you sweating. 


Sa: Outdoor Boot Camp

Ready for the weekend? Not quite yet! There is something for everyone in this boot camp lesson. No matter what level you have, everyone can keep up with different variations of the exercises. A combination of endurance and strength training awaits you, with or without equipment! Get up and fight for your last breath with your ByBo lions!

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