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Individuells, ergebnisorientiertes Training zur Zielerreichung

Virtual and Live Personal Fitness Training

A tailroed training is the most effective way to reach your goals.

ByBo Personal Training is carefully prepared so that you can reach your goals faster. This may be:


+ Weight loss 

+ Diastasis recti recovery incl. back pain release

+ Shaped and powerful body

+ Reduce and eliminate back pain

+ ... or a combination 


No problem if you did not have a experience with fittnes, working out or sports in general. Your trainer will support and motivate you, make sure the start is smooth and  and make sure be easier to start again and you will enjoy your training sessions. 


If you already have a good fitness level then personal training will challenge you and will bring you further.



Nutrition coaching and holiday training program available on request.


Your fitness level will be evaluated during anamnesis and the intesity of the training will be set accordingly. The sessions and intensity will be adjusted continuously to make them rich in variety and keep them demanding. You will be working hard in your 1:1 sessions to see results quickly.

You will be educated how to perform exercises correctly and learn their purpose. 



We train with:


+ Kettlebells            

+ Body weight

+ Weights                       

+ etc..


The training takes place in a private boutique studio or outdoor.

You decide when and where we have 1:1 sessions



Personal Training Offer

  • 28 Tage Rapid Results Personal Training:                                                                       990 Fr. 

  • 10 session card:                                                                                        starting from 1390 Fr. 

  • Shape your body in 6 Weeks incl. measurements nutrition coaching and analysis  1800 Fr.

  • 5 weeks backfit program (get rid of back pain)                                                               690 Fr.

Begin your journey now, get your body strengthened and formed and increase your well-being ! Contact us for free consultation

*Preise ohne Mwst.

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