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About ByBo

Beat your body ( ByBo ) offers a full body workout that brings you to the limits. The philosophy is get more out of your body than you might have thought is possible. Whether in personal training, boot camp or in weight loss sessions, ByBo will accompany you on your way to reach your goals.

The training with ByBo is sometimes a tough battle but the good thing is that you will definitely win. And after a workout you'll have a good feeling and the desire to do more.


Beata Fröhlicher

Founder and Trainer

Being fit is my passion, which makes me happy.

After 10 years of working in the pharma industry I decided to help people differently, through supporting in achieving a healthy lifestyle with sport and balanced nutrition.

I value professionalism, care deeply for my customers and want to ensure they are well trained. I am certified in different areas (fitness instructor, personal trainer, boot camp, kettlebell trainer  nutrition and reha coach) and regularly attend further trainings to follow industry trends, respond to customer needs and offer diverse trainings.

ByBo offers functional training which has been a good companion of mine for years. This type of training is unlike traditional exercising in a gym. Functional training does not focus on working out isolated muscles but it always activates the entire  body. It offers countless variations of exercises to support all level and make every session unique – both in the studio and outside in the park


ByBo is the training to challenge your body and bring it to a higher level of fitness.

I look forward to training with you.

Once active means always active.


ByBo Trainers






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ByBo loves to be  your energy booster .


Sporting success means constantly pushing one's own limits. To push myself and others further constantly is my goal.



Isn't it incredibly motivating when we reach (or exceed:-) our individual performance limits in joint training, develop together and yet each of us makes progress on our own?!

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I love being able to accompany and inspire people individually in their fitness goals. I like to combine athletic effort, personality and fun. After all, what could be better than achieving something together?


My sessions have a whole body approach with lots of emphasis on mobility-core-fat loss using wide range of equipment with correct techniques and fluid movements.

In my opinion any exercise is better than no exercise, any training is better than no training.

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