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Virtual Body Transformation Program

Over a period of at least 4 weeks, you will be guided through a varied sports program. You train 3 times a week at your home with our professional workout videos. Every week you will feel better, stronger and more energized. In addition, we support you to integrate a healthy lifestyle in the long term, coach you regarding nutrition and we will make sure you are not left alone. How does that sound? 

Want to change something in your life?  Start your journey today with ByBo. You will not regret it!

What you will get from the training

Shaped legs and visible abs! 
We will provide you with fat burning and muscle building workouts. Who doesn't want toned legs and visible abs?! We make your muscle on fire

2021-03-03 (3).png

Toned Upper Body!
We from ByBo love a good and exhausting Upper Body Session. Together we train with weights (e.g. bottles, rice... - stay creative), Resistance bands and of course bodyweight

Screenshot (16).png

Better endurance!
In our sweaty trainings your whole body will be working out. It also includes various exercises to improve your cardio and coordination skills.

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