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Watch out ladies! Lose weight and shape your body?
This training is ideal for beginners - short, flexible and effective

This is how the Viva training for women works!

3x30 minutes training per week - without weights, without stress.

With VIVA training women can reduce body fat, build muscles and improve their posture in a private atmosphere. It does not matter how old and how fit you are. Everyone can make it. Just 2-3 half-hour training sessions per week have a proven positive effect on figure and health.

With a key card you will have access any time from 6am till 9pm and if desired your fitness coach will be available for you.

Discover with us your personal way to more activity, health, well-being and fun. Then you too can soon write your own personal success story

Contact us for a trail session

Call us: 078 913 44 54

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Training with a mask is feasible. 


It is never too late to strengthen the muscles and tighten the body.

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